Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stuff I've been doing

I've been very busy this holiday season, so my blog has been a bit vacant. But I've snuck in a few sketches in some of my little spare time. Plus, I loooove my new moleskin sketchbook!

I sketched these while I was procrastinating finishing up four books this months.

I've been busy Christmas shopping and being stuck in traffic for many hours.

I've been way behind in making and sending out Christmas cards. And I've been trying to fit in my runs, but the weather is fighting me all the way.

Of course, I have been very busy taking care of some very hungry little critters that live in my house. (also, mum-mum is our word for food.)


Melody said...

Hey Nicole...I just discovered your work and wanted you to know how fabulous I think it is. Happy Holidays

Nicole said...

Oh, thanks so much, Melody! :)

Brenda said...

Hi Nicole, I love all of your's always so refreshing to see it on DP. And I absolutely couldn't live without my Moleskin sketchbook. Have you checked out the Moleskin website? Very cool! Happy Holidays.

Brenda York

Nicole said...

I want all the moleskins! :)
This is my first one and I'm never turning back to my old cheap sketchbooks.

Annie said...

Happy Holidays!

saude em movimento said...

Hello Nicole,
Nice work, it just feels like Christmas!

Christine said...

Hi Nik!

I'm so glad you are enjoying your moleskin notebook! We had a blast with you and Dan in Philly!