Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cat on her Shoulders

4 X 6" OSWOA (Original Small Work of Art)
pen&ink, watercolor


Morgaine said...

Hi, Nicole -

You know me from eBay as o_myt_isis. I just bought several pieces of your work. I've been enjoying your contributions to Daily Painters for several months and decided I just had to have some of your art for myself.

I'm just learning to paint, though I'm middle-aged. Your work is fascinating. May I ask, what kind of materials you use? Which pen or ink, which watercolors, paper, etc. Where do you get your inspiration? How long does a painting usually take? Where did you learn?

I'll probably get a few of the books you've illustrated from Amazon, too. Thanks so much for sharing your visions with us.

Nicole said...

Hi Morgaine!
Wow thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoy the painting and prints.

To answer your questions, I love using Fabriano's watercolor paper, Rotring technical pens, and I actually use Winsor Newton gouache in very thin layers like regular water color paints. The time it takes to paint varies, but I'm pretty quick painter in general. With the ACEOs, I tend to paint a whole lot of them at once.

Inspiration comes from all over, but my 2 cat and 2 dogs are constant influences. And mostly just small moments I see throughout the day.

I studied at Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a BFA in illustration. I had fun there and learned tons! I'm always looking and trying new things.

Good luck with your own journey into art!

Morgaine said...

Thanks for the info - I can't wait to get your stuff in the mail!

Nicole said...

This is so beautiful! I like very much your art!
Nicole Florian